Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gettin' crazy fun!

SO... I have been bad! I have been so SO~~~ busy! I apologize for lagging on my "blogging!" We have had so many family and friends visiting us from out of town this month! Darin's brother came to visit from Seattle, then the nexy week his Mom came from Seattle.. my Maid of Honor, Molly, flew down from Arizona this past couple of days to help with some "wedding" stuff and this week Darin's Dad is in town from Seattle. So fun but crazy! So Darin's mom, Laura, went with us cake tasting and I think that, besides the prposal, has been my favorite part yet! If they hired people to cake taste as a career.. I AM IN! We went to a place called "Cinderella Cakes." I highly recommend it! We are getting an amazing cake! The top is a mad hatter cake. We like to be a little from the norm! Going to be really fun! Next, we took Momma Laura to the yacht we are getting married on and her jaw dropped :) It is a breath taking sight! We went there for some food tasting which was fun! We brought the whole clan :) Molly then came to town and we were crazy, wedding planning, psycho people for 48 hrs! She brought stuff with her to make these sashes for my bridesmaids (she won't tell me what the Maid of Honors and I are wearing.. a little scared ) she also brought the bridal shower invitations with her. SO CUTE! Nikki and Molly both came over the next night to talk about thngs and do the invitations. I am so lucky to have them! Today, Molly and I went to a storage unit we have and raided it for pics of me growing up. WOW! Some of those pictures I am glad I got to before anyone else... We got some great ones for D's and my slide show! This wedding stuff is a ball! Talk soon!
Love, Kel
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