Friday, November 7, 2008

Wedding Favors!

I have recently received some awesome wedding favors from beau coup! They gave me some really great ideas. I want to have something unique to offer our guests as little gifts. One my favorite ideas are the mini martini shakers. My friends and I are HUGE dirty martini drinkers, so this is right up our alley! This will definitely be a part of my wedding shower! My sister loves the idea too! I like it because this is the kind of gift that will not be going to waste! They also sent me some beautiful blown glass pens which I think this is a great idea to have the guests use to sign in at our wedding. Another more traditional idea is to have your name printed on the mini champagne bottles, which is cute, but there are SO MANY other creative ideas on their website!

Check out the website They really do an amazing job! You can view the items based on occasion, themes, even season! So many great ideas to chooses from! Thank you so much!