Thursday, December 27, 2007

My two Maid of Honors went with my Mom and I to do my final fitting for my dress (Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach) and to try on their dresses! My Friend Molly flew down form Arizona to be with me! I have known her seince birth.... Our friendship started in the crib as she says :) My friend Nikki I met in Pre~school at age 4! Tight ever since! I have been through so much with these girls and I absolutely ADORE them and I am so happy that they will be standiing by our side! (I have 10 brides maids and my Mom is my Matron of Honor!) The colors I chose for them are Fuschia pink and black. Their dresses are a Marilyn Monroe style dress... the one where the air is blowing her dress up :) SUPER cute and the flowers they will have are going to be fuschia. We has SO much fun trying on dresses... I could not help but feel like a princess when I put my dress on!
Hope everyone's Christmas was beautiful! Ciao for now at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

D and I went registering! SO FUN!! First we headed to Bed, Bath and beyond and I could not get the scanner gun out of Darins hand! He was runing all over the place scanning everything! He was scanning some weird things lol... They gave us a list of things to keep in mind and some of these things were things I we would NEVER think of! An electric knife?! We decided to pass that one up and scan a couple extra fluffy pillows and a cool lookin' pancake maker thingy :) It's a good idea to have an idea of what your looking for because otherwise you will go into shop overload like us! Next we were off the Crate and Barrel. Super Market sweep! We tried to stay focused and keep our eye on the ball but we ended up goofing off and taking forever. So fun... that's how it should be right?! No strees! :) Last we went to Z~gallerie.. Wanted to give people some options :) This place is cool! The scanner gun was not working, so after prying D's hands off of the "non~working scanner gun" we wrote all the barcode numbers down by hand. By the time we were done we had actually not registered for too many things but we were so exhausted (Darin nearly passed out on their comfy looking bed!) we decided to head home. Another thing off the list. This is SO much fun!
Talk soon!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi I wanted to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Keleigh Ferrari and My fiances name is Darin. I am a hair stylist in Huntington Beach and Darin is a firefighter for LA City. We met at the fire station on Thanksgiving day. My step Dad was Darins Captain at the time and once we were introduced that was it :) The pictures below are of the Cruise we were on to the Mexican Riviera where we got engaged! Darin proposed to me at the Captains Ball on stage in front of a couple thousand people. He asked the Cruise Director if he would introduce him on stage before we went to dinner. He set it all up.. so cute! The film crew got word and filmed the whole thing! They showed the video in everyones rooms so we felt like celebrities the whole trip ha ha ha.. SO AMAZING! I will try and put the video up asap... Below are just a few pics of us on the cruise after we got engaged. I am so excited to be able to journal our journey to our big, exciting day with all of you! at

Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet Keleigh...'s newest Bride to be

Welcome Season 4 of Reality Internet- Meet Keleigh

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wanna Be on TV????

CMT Network is airing a Valentine’s Day TV special featuring an engaged couple—and they’ve asked us to help recruit YOU.

This is a positive “premarital counseling school” that truly wants to help couples merge their two worlds as they surround them with a team of experts--to ensure they have a long lasting happily ever after marriage.

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Does he find it a challenge to be romantic? If so, CMT will take you both on a romantic picnic and show him how it’s done. Does your man find that you have a hard time even cooking Mac N Cheese? If so, CMT’s experts will bring in a famous chef to give you some tips.

Taping will be on January 3, 4 and 5th. Please email a photo, where you live, and a brief description of yourself to before next Friday, December 14th.

P.S. We are also taking applications for the next Bride to Be!
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